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The poster submission will be open to academician, researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students from local and international colleges, universities and institutions.


Call for extended abstracts and posters submission
Instruction for submission


  • Poster must be submitted in PDF format. The file size may not exceed 10MB.
  • Must be in English, Arabic or Malay.
  • It is recommended to make your poster in PowerPoint (Landscape or Portrait) size A1 (594mm x 841mm) and then save it as a PDF before submitting it.



  • Make sure that the specific sections easy to locate in the poster.
  • Try to keep the text easy to read and concise, should have a clear message, a logical layout & be easy to comprehend.
  • Avoid the use of full sentences & rather use short text in bullet point format.
  • Avoid using watermarks that may detract from the readability of your poster.
  • Illustrations are the most important part of the poster & will attract the most attention.

Colourful charts and graphs

Are the easiest to read.

  • Explanatory illustrations should be used instead of text whenever possible.
  • Use only static images and do not embed any videos or animation in your poster.
  • Try to utilize the space on your poster as creatively as you can to attract the audience and make sure that the images are easy to understand.


  • The evaluation will be conducted online by an appointed panel of evaluators.
  • The poster will be graded on the research quality, the significance of the study, the methodology adopted and findings, research contribution, and overall quality of the poster.